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The CMN Celebration in Orlando was an extravaganza. Jason, Leigh Ann and Jason's mom Darlene met with many celebrities during the course of the event including Carolyn Dawn Johnson and Tracy Byrd who are country music stars. Merlin Olson, a former professional football with the Ram and a TV actor, Marie Osmond, who is a singer and TV actress and John Schneider who is a singer, and played one of the Duke Brothers on the Dukes of Hazard TV show. Marie Osmond and John Schneider were two of the four founding members of the Children's Miracle Network.
The Children's Miracle Network Achievement Award was based on the work of Jason and his team evacuating neonatal infants out of Oschner Hospital just shortly after New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The CCT team flew into New Orleans with jet and helicopter. They were forced to land the helicopter on the parking deck because the helipad was under water and then they transported the infants back to the jet several miles away. "All of the staff in the unit were overjoyed to see that someone had come to help. They had requested help from all over but they told us we were the only ones to show up today. They thought we were coming for only one patient and when we told them we had the resources to transport 4, they were shocked to say the least," Jason remembers.
The media department at Children's had footage of Jason and the team upon return from New Orleans and some of this footage was shown during the awards ceremony.
Jason's mom Darlene said "we all choked up when they showed the footage it was touching."
While the award was given to Jason, he was quick to point out that the Katrina work was a team effort. "The biggest thing I'd like to say is that this was a team effort." He was flattered and honored to win the award, but he says "this is our job....this is what we do every day."

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