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What Does The New Year Hold In Store?
I love the New Year holiday. It's not the firecrackers though I've been known to shoot one or two in my life. It's not the parties, though I've been known to attend a few. It's the sense of renewal -- starting off with a clean slate and the opportunity to do things better next year.
looking back at this past year, the website has seen phenomenal growth. We've added about 30 new yearbooks and old photographs of Dora, Sumiton, Empire, Sipsey and other areas. We have almost 500 people signed up in our database though I've recently discovered that there are a number of addresses that are no longer valid.
On a sad note, we lost several of our alumni friends from Dora High School and three beloved teachers; Billy Moore, Mary Ellen Hubbard, and of course Mrs. McMichen
. May their memory live forever in the hearts and minds of all they touched.
Personally, for Jilda and me, 2005 ended on a sad note as we lost Jilda's Mom in November and getting through the holidays proved to be a challenge but we'll survive. In fact, I truly believe that we will thrive.
It is my intention to write more stories this year about the remarkable people that attended Dora High and collect and publish photographs that document the history of our town.
I intend to work each day toward my dream of writing and publishing a book. The BLOG that I started on December 8th is a way of forming thediscipline and habits needed to produce the book. If I go for any length of time without updating the BLOG, I expect you to bring it to my attention to keep me on track. Spank me if you have to.
I believe that we are all here for a purpose and though I have spent a large part of my life searching for that purpose I feel I am as close now as I have ever been. Writing FEELS right to me. I have received notes and emails from you saying that you were amused, enlightened or touched by things I have written. I am always flattered and humbled by your words.
So, what are you going to do this new year? I hope we learn to live with passion and we all do something remarkable


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