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Will Speaks Out About the Perils of Performing
" Well, I don't know what happened, because I was ready to play, I was going to play Maple leaf Rag by Scott Joplin, a rather difficult piece to play. I am guessing that when I was behind stage sitting there at the piano, I had a surge of nervous, wet sweat, cold(then warm) chill, butterflies in my stomach - I guess a combination can make a scared person. But I am not like that at all, I have played for numerous crowds and at many different places. What I believe is was when the lights shone on the keys, people yelling "Go Will!", and just not being able to get rid of the feeling that I was going to mess up gave me indeed the feeling to mess up.
So I stood up and walked offstage. I have been told as a piano player, you shouldn't start over if you were to mess up, you should pick up somewhere on your piece and continue.................
I couldn't do it!! I don't know why the crowd applauded for me. It would have been so much easier to dance, in fact, that's what I was wanting to do, because the majority of people at DHS know that I can dance, but Mrs. Skalnik insisted on me playing the piano, plus I also was wanting to show that I had another talent, I guess I failed though. Keep in mind that dancing is a lot easier than playing the piano. I just stood behind stage during the whole Miss Dora High, I didn't want to show my face for some reason! But I wasn't going to think of this forever, I wanted to do something about it, I wasn't going to go from 'Will the Thrill' to 'Will with Chills'. That monday at school, we had a whole rerun of Miss Dora High, and one of the contestants - #4 - had the talent to dance, and she was dancing to Michael Jacksons song 'Scream'.........believe me, it was not what I had planned, but some DHS students were calling for Will the Thrill, which I kind of thought was disrespectful for the contestant, but I couldn't help it, knowing that if I did it, I was sure my mind wouldn't be on the mess up I made that night. I DID IT!!! I JUMPED OUT AND DANCED FOR ABOUT 17 seconds, then went to sit down.... feeling much better. (I was on the gym floor, she was on the stage.) I was having the cheers I remember when I was dancing at the Pep-rallies. But then, feeling a moment of embarrasment..... I did jump out there when the contestant was doing her talent, so at the end of the rerun - I went backstage to find the lady that I jumped out in front of. After looking around for her, I finally found her standing next to Richard Thomas. I said things to her like 'I hope I didn't embarras you when I jumped out like that'. I began feeling a little bit better when I heard her say that she wasn't, and that she really didn't care that I did. I was glad to hear the answers I was wanting to hear, I have almost forgotten my piano slip ever since. However, in the end, when I just got finished talking to the girl, MR. BULLDOG WINNER SIR RICHARD THOMAS that was standing next to her asked me why I messed up and walked off the stage that night..........AAAAHHHHHHH!"

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