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Many of you have noticed that I took a little bit of a break from the website. I guess I had gotten a little burned out. The thing with the message board knocked the wind out of me, but I took some time away and did a lot of thinking. I also received a ton of really kind emails from you folks which was really humbling.
The message I got was that the website means a great deal to the folks who visit. I guess I had lost site of that. I knew that it was near and dear to me and it was uplifting to hear from you.
We have made a few changes to the site. We decided to go with the message board that Hugh Cunningham developed. I like the functionality of the new board. It's a little more difficult to get started up front, but it has a lot to offer and people are catching on fast. Another good feature to me is that Hugh graciously volunteered to help administer the board which takes a load off of me. If you have any trouble getting logged on or with any of the other stuff on there, drop either Hugh or me a note and we'll help walk you through it. Try it, I think you'll like it.
Another change is that I did away with the Poll that I was using. They added a requirement that you download some code on your pc and my spyware software jumped up and down about it. I can tell you this, when my spyware ain't happy, I ain't happy so the poll got the hook. Fortunately the message board has Poll functionality so we'll be continuing the Polls on there.
So, like the photograph of me above (taken in 1958) I'm rested and I back strong.
I could use some new profiles/interviews so please consider volunteering for that. Just send me a note to say you're interested and I'll send you the questions and the other stuff I need.
Stay cool, and enjoy the rest of the summer. Rick

Football Season Begins Soon
7 on 7’s are finished, summer workouts are winding down, dew on the fresh cut grass of an early morning practice will soon be mixed with sweat and blood from those striving to be the best. Contenders will step forward, pretenders will be exposed. Surprises and upsets, blowouts and overtime. Bad calls, bad luck, bad breaks or bad to the bone. Taping ankles and wrapping knees, bruises, broken bones and season ending injuries. Superstars, future stars or players seeing stars. Announcers in the press box, chalk on the field, small kids behind the goalpost doing what the big boys do, wearing the school colors with pride and waiting ....their time will come. Fans in the stands with popcorn in their hands while holding megaphones and pompoms with painted faces and painted chest. Your hometown team on the field thanks you. Big time plays to games that slip away, struggles and fears then from joy into tears in an instant how quick things can change. Halftime shows, the first chill of a Fall Friday night to drift across your nose, fourth quarter hot dogs “ now two for a dollar “, a mad rush to the concession stand to get the last ones. From pep rally’s to bon fires, mascots and majorettes, all the sights and sounds that make up that special time of the year ....football season is near !!!
I got this note in an email. I'm not sure who wrote it, but it captures the feeling. GO DAWGS!!!
2005 Football Schedule
Aug 25 Cordova Home
Sep 2 Holt Away
Sep 9 Oak Grove Home
Sep 16 Corner Home
Sep 23 Walker Away
Sep 30 Montevallo Away
Oct 7 Chelsea Home
Oct 14 Fayette Co. Away
Oct 21 Tarrant Home (Homecoming)
Oct 28 Mortimer Jordan Home (Senior Night)


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