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Don't Mess Up On Valentines Day
Several years ago BW (Before Wal-Mart), I committed a major faux pas on Valentine’s Day. I had been out of town on business for a week and in the rush to make it home, I forgot "the stuff." The realization struck me when I was less than five minutes from home. I was empty handed on Valentine’s Day!

It was tempting to roll in and simply beg for forgiveness. I could have used some lame excuse about being tired, or “that I am a complete idiot!” But I knew my wife Jilda would not have forgotten Valentine’s Day. She never had and I didn’t expect that she would have started.

So, I made a quick u-turn and headed back to the nearest store. Now I live on a farm in the country and the nearest store is more than ten miles away. When I arrived at the store, I dashed inside and was astonished to find they had NO Valentine cards. So, it was back to the truck and to the next store. Still no cards. I was on a mission now, so I drove another eight miles to a grocery store in a nearby town. To my utter amazement, the only Valentine cards they had were "To My Favorite Sister".

Not only did they not have cards, but they had no roses. In fact, they had no flowers of any kind. I was a dead man walking. I thought quickly and snatched one of the sister cards thinking I could scribble through sister part and make a little joke...problem solved. So there I was, standing in line with the lame card, a pot of basil from the garden shop and a bag of Starlight Mints. Thank goodness, at least they were red and white. I tentatively headed home.
It did not take a fortuneteller to see my wife was not amused by my level of creativity. While she did not say anything, I could see the hurt in her eyes. As luck would have it, she had scurried around all day buying aged steaks, French bread, red wine, scented candles and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I managed to get through that night, but I made a promise to myself never again would I let that happen. And I haven't.
This past year I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a killer Victorian Valentine card and a box of Godiva chocolates several days before Valentine’s Day. I also made arrangements with a local beauty shop for my wife to have a manicure and pedicure.

I did good! However, on Valentine’s Day I did stop at Wal-Mart to pick up a bottle of bubbly, and for kicks I strolled by the Valentine Shop. There were guys frantically looking for candy and flowers to no avail. I saw one poor guy holding a pack of Reese’s Cups thumbing through the sym pathy cards and shaking his head in disbelief. I thought "you poor devil, I bet you won't forget Valentine’s Day next year."
It's like I always say, "every day's a school day." I hope you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day.


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