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Happy Birthday Dora High School Website
It's hard for me to believe, but the Dora High School Website turns three years old this week. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was driving to work and it occurred to me that a website that was almost like a little newspaper would be just the ticket for our community.
I was already doing web sites at work so doing one for the alumni would be easy and fun. Well I was half right. It was fun, but it is not as easy as I had thought.
The fun part to me is doing interviews and profiles of the folks who have gone through Dora High. I am constantly amazed at their stories. Fortunately, I have enough space on the server to keep all the stories archived. In fact every story that has appeared on the site can be retrieved by clicking on the Past Stories link to the left.
The benefits of doing the site have been the big payoff to me. I have reconnected with

tons of my old friends and I have made lots of new friends too. One woman who visited, reconnected with her high school sweetheart through the website and they were later married. I really wanted to write that story, but they were a little hesitant so that's one great story that did not get written.
One of the most popular topics is Mr. Gant. The beloved principal of Dora High School for so many years. We have had several stories and anecdotes about him. He taught, mentored, and guided so many of us and I often wonder if he ever realized the impact he had on our lives?
Another favorite topic has been Old Dora. The stories and photos routinely bring a flood of emails and messages on the message board. It has been and continues to be, a lot of fun....a work of love. If someone had told me three years ago that we would have almost 60,000 hits within three years, I would have laughed. We have 500 names and email addresses in our database and I continue to add new names weekly.
It might be a little early to tell, but I consider the site a success and you all have helped make it successful. I can't say enough how much I appreciate the sponsors that make the site possible. Country Gas, The Edwards Agency, The Green Top, Ellis Automotive, Sides Appliances, Carl Cannon and Four Seasons Nursery. Please consider patronizing these people when you need their products and services.
If you have not done so, please consider sending me a few pictures of you along with a note about you and what you've been doing since high school it will help keep the content fresh and interesting. Your old friends and classmates will love you for it.
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