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Will the Thrill Thinks We Need More School Spirit
by Will the Thrill
Know what the problem is?
It is upsetting to say that Dora has lost two games in a row...BUT, I don't blame the Bulldog Players that much. Do the students of DHS know what the word 'Pep-rally' means? I wouldn't think so because at our Pep-rallies, I don't hear the cheers that I would like to hear from the students. The only biggest cheer I hear (and very loud) is after the Alma Mater, and I respect that, but I wish all cheers would sound the same. The clapping in a gym that is full of 100s of students does not sound like what it should be - - - do you get my point......WE ARE NOT CHEERING LOUD ENOUGH FOR OUR BULLDOG TEAM, THE STUDENTS ARE NOT PEPPY! IT TAKES OUR STUDENTS FOREVER TO GET OFF OF THE SEATS. We need to cheer for our team - - AND CHEER THEM TO VICTORY. I wish all DHS students would learn the Alma Mater so we can all sing it. Are you wanting to learn it? Do you need the lyrics to learn the song? Here you go,
May the Blue and the Gold of our banner so bright
Fill our hearts full of joy and delight.
To our dear Alma Mater we'll ever be true
No matter what e'er be the tide.

We pledge all our love, and our loyalty, too
To maintain the high standards begun
May the Gold never tarnish, the Blue ne'er grow dim
'Til the goals of our hopes have been won.

A note from Asa Faith:
Will Thrilled Me
Will's writing about school spirit came at a perfect time. He included the words to the alma mater for his classmates. Maybe he did not know that my mother wrote those words when she was a ninth grade student at DHS. Probably he did not know that my mother loved DHS then and continued to love it until she died in 2000. I'm certain that he did not know that his piece of writing would be on the website at such an appropriate time.
My mother, Fay (Thomas) Bobo is celebrating her birthday on October 24 in heaven. Who knows? She might be singing the alma mater and thanking Will for caring.
asa faith (bobo) randolph

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