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Brandy Karanick New Teacher at Dora
by Will Justice
Brandy Karanick is one of the many new teachers at Dora High School. She is 22 years old and teaches anatomy, physiology, and physical science. She will be in Mr. Davis's classroom for a while. Ms. Karanick went to Corner High School. She graduated at Auburn University with a focus on pre-med.
Patricia Martin
by Will Justice
Patricia Martin has been teaching Spanish I and Spanish II for 12 years at Dora High School! She is member of the Dora High School Class of 1989. She became interested in Spanish when she was in High School! She loved the class - it was her favorite subject. Patricia is a great singer - In English as well as Spanish. She is married to John Martin and together, they have 2 kids. Patricia went to college at Walker for the first two years and two years at UAB. She is currently working toward a graduate degree.


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