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Mrs Tolbert is a New Teacher at DHS
by Will Justice
Stephanie Tolbert is new at Dora High School. She lives near Burnwell and teaches English as well as ninth grade Speech. Tolbert attended West End High School in Birmingham and graduated from Miles College.
She is married to Eric Tolbert, who teaches World History at Dora. Together they have 5 children; Eric Jr., Stephan Tolbert, Michael, Zedrick, and Erika ‘Celeste’.
Mrs. Tolbert loves Drama and she has breathed new life in the Dora High School Drama Club, The school has been without a Drama Club for a number of years. Mrs. Tolbert is a talented singer and dancer.
She became interested in drama in middle school. "My drama teacher, Mrs. Davis was an inspiration to me," she says.
Stephanie’s goal is to finish up her Law Degree. She finds creating assessments to meet the needs of exceptional students challenging.
New History Teacher at Dora
by Will Justice
Bart Payne is new at Dora High School. Mr. Payne is 23 years old and teaches American History. He has double duty as a coach of the Bulldog (Boys) bas ketball.team.
Mr. Payne attended Corner High School and later graduated from La Grange College in Georgia.
He taught one year at Mcadory High School in Mccalla. Payne says "HE LOVES BASKETBALL!"
He became interested in Dora after attending several games last year. His fiance is Sheena Mclaughlin, who graduated in 2000. Michelle Mclaughlin is Bart’s Sister-in-Law to be.
Fishing is a hobby to him, but BASKETBALL is his first love. One of his goals is to make the Dawgs Basketball program a contender for the State title ‘YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT!'
Welcome Mr. Payne.


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